Indians welcomed the news of forming its 29th state, Telangana, on 30th July 2013. The ruling party congress waved the green flag. The agitation to form Telangana was on extreme rise from 2009 and finally the order to make it a new state was approved. The whole move by congress was politically motivated, considering the 2014 elections. Well, to know the results, congress will have to wait for the next year elections. My concern, as always, is regarding the media coverage given to it. Well, I won’t be going into the politics of it in detail. I will just try to bring out the way it was reported by two different setups of broadcast media – Al Jazeera & Indian media.

The contrast between these two videos will make us understand the approach towards a single story by the media houses. I came across a video on youtube of Al Jazeera reporting on the Telangana issue. I was a little surprised to see the way the reporting was done. It was a feature story, where a citizen of the newly named state, Telanaga, was interviewed by the correspondent of Al Jazeera. The story was soft and rather than drifting towards political slant, it was totally directed towards the economical reforms of the new state. The questions raised were, how will the new state prosper? How will the industries grow? How the new government will tackle the old issues of unemployment and growth of the state at a faster economical rate? An example of an iron-ore industry was broadcasted. The questions were very valid and it interested me (the link of the video will be uploaded on this post).

Now, on the contrary I saw, not all but few (more than 12 approx.) videos of the way our Indian media reported the same Telangana issue. And it came to me as no surprise; the political coverage on the issue was very high. No coverage in top 10 videos was other than political news by all the big media houses of India (English & Hindi channels both). A very simple question is, if they (foreign media) can then why not we (Our media)? Of course the style of the journalism differs from channel to channel and nation to nation but framing news in particular windows affects it. For example, regular political coverage of the Telangana reporting made it repetitive. Were there any new packages (new formats, new feature reports, new special interest stories) reported by Indian media? Well, I didn’t saw many; most of the spaces on broadcast channels were covered by political leaders justifying or fighting against the decision of congress (form Telangana). Was it the only important thing about Telangana?

At a point of time, I felt that the people for whom the state was created were left behind the race of coverage. Well, this is one way of looking it. I know that there cannot be a comparison between the way a foreign channel reports and the way our channels do their reporting. The audience is different for both the channel. But my concern is only about proprieties. Are we paying to see the never ending discussion panels? Or story (human interest or economical) which really appeal to us?

Share your thoughts and write down your opine if you have a different thinking on the same.