What is going to happen when the two giants of the opposite parties, Mr. Prime Minister & probably future Mr. Prime Minister, will meet and might be sharing the same stage. Will ‘we’ see any hand shakes? Any smiles? Any chit-chat? Or on the contrary they both will ignore each other, which for the media will certainly be nothing much.

So what if they say hi to each other and discuss about the lunch or dinner ahead, ‘we’ want stories to run, to fill the space for tonight’s debate. Will that be possible? Of course yes, because there are many who will derive their own conclusions and will say how that is going to impact the 2014 general elections.





As audience, we have to come out of all this sensationalism and watch the news as NEWS. It is a content. A meeting doesn’t matters but what comes out of that as decision or conclusion matters. Will that affect my pocket? My decision making? My mindset? My future plans? Well, this should be the points of highlight. And, this can go endless.

Start watching content wisely and choose your subject smartly!


I remember waking up early and preparing myself for the school parade- I was in scout and guide- on Independence Day. After the school program I used to rush to my house to watch the national parade on Doordarshan. Now, I have completed my school but still on Independence Day I never miss the parade show on Doordarshan. On this 66th Independence Day, I witnessed something unusual, not in the parade show but what the media did with the speech of Prime Minister.

The nation witnessed an out of context thing this independence day. Soon after the PM’s speech, a speech was delivered by Narendra Modi, nothing special just a speech by the CM of Gujarat. The speech was fine, but what the media did, was it required? The media started comparing both the speeches. Right at 9am, a zee news anchor started the show with the question- whose speech was more effective? And who overpowered whom? Was such question required on this day that too soon after the parade show?

I believe and support the fact that it was news and was needed to be reported but in such a fashion that it created a controversy for no reason. The media certainly made their agenda clear. Not many took this sportingly, Javed Akhtar was on the same show as one of the guest and he replied to the anchor- atleast leave this day to sell your news! Why did this even happen? A strong reason could be the 2014 elections, which both, the media and politicians are targeting.

The news anchor too was not at fault here. It surely was prepared well before by the editorial team, gatekeeping theory (about this theory refer to my previous blogs). We know the media too has to compete with each other, but choosing the way to represent news is important. Also, if the media picked the speech news, then why didn’t they carry it, why leave it just like that, in the mid way. Well, the media always works on deadline but in that process they should not leave the ethics behind.

Now, the media alone cannot be held responsible. The political parties too know the importance of the coming elections and made full use of this opportunity to blame eachothers. But yes this blog is not to discuss about the bragging of political parties.

Well, I know this post doesn’t address much about communication theory and media reporting, but I felt a need to share this message with you all. It sometimes does hurts when such issues are raised on a day when the nation unites as one to celebrate. Still, if you feel like sharing any thoughts do comment and if you have any query ask it, I will surely address it.