What is going to happen when the two giants of the opposite parties, Mr. Prime Minister & probably future Mr. Prime Minister, will meet and might be sharing the same stage. Will ‘we’ see any hand shakes? Any smiles? Any chit-chat? Or on the contrary they both will ignore each other, which for the media will certainly be nothing much.

So what if they say hi to each other and discuss about the lunch or dinner ahead, ‘we’ want stories to run, to fill the space for tonight’s debate. Will that be possible? Of course yes, because there are many who will derive their own conclusions and will say how that is going to impact the 2014 general elections.





As audience, we have to come out of all this sensationalism and watch the news as NEWS. It is a content. A meeting doesn’t matters but what comes out of that as decision or conclusion matters. Will that affect my pocket? My decision making? My mindset? My future plans? Well, this should be the points of highlight. And, this can go endless.

Start watching content wisely and choose your subject smartly!


The way media is giving coverage to Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi, it seems soon their coverage content will become cliche. Media will have to look for a new angle everytime, which certainly will not be easy. Considering the fact that elections will be conducted in May 2014, this leaves six months time span. If the content is given the same treatment again and again then it certainly would bore us.


The media itself has made the style of news giving so entertaining that any plain news will not do. The media will need to come up with new sides with every story. This may even lead to something else. But the mood the media is setting could backfire. The audience in India is still learning and adapting the television viewing and such cliche news may give the audience an excuse to switch to some other channel.

Hence, i personally feel that the media should definitely consider it’s options of projecting news in more than one or couple of ways to avoid it from being cliche.


‘Chara ghotala’, the infamous fodder scam of 900 crores finally comes to rest. In a long 17 year awaited judgment the CBI court of Ranchi announced Lalu Prasad Yadav, then the CM and the main convict in fodder scam a 5 years of imprisonment in Birsa Munda jail. This judgment was announced on 3rd October 2013. Before 2014 elections this is considered to be one of the most important decisions which can alter the future of RJD (Rastriya Janta Dal) in Bihar. Well, let’s look at how media reported all this news, what was their approach?

The media reported the news being very balanced. Their approach seemed neutral. The main focus of all news houses was, very obvious, targeted towards 2014. All the news houses talked about the possible future of RJD and next Loksabha polls. The talk shows too conducted shows on Lalu, his party and 201 elections. Although, most of the media houses focused on partie’s future and the ties with congress, very few were seen talking on the Lalu ji’s imprisonment part of the story though.

Lalu Prasad yadav who once gave the slogan, ‘jab tak rahega samose me aloo tab tak rahega Bihar me lalu’, is now facing 5 years of imprisonment, which he would have never thought of. The media certainly did a much softer side story towards lalu ji. Unlike the case of A. Raja, Telecom scam, the media seemed more interested in RJD’s future (Agenda of media).

Unlike the case of Kanimozhi or Asaram, where all the details of their prison cell was described in detail by the media, Laluji found some sympathy by the media. Expect Laluji will teach Political science and Management to the students nothings else was made available by the media about Laluji’s living condition in the prison cell. This certainly indicates something, doesn’t it? If you have any doubts or suggestion please mention in the below comment box, I would surely reply to you.