This topic is debated over and over. And many professionals who understand media in and out have concluded in both directions- in favor of reporting such news and the others against it. Well, the principle of journalism say that celebrity reporting on particular topic comes under yellow journalism when certain limits are crossed. What are those limits? We shall see in this blog and try to understand how media reports it.

I will take the recent reporting of the Khan’s hug, Shahrukh-Salman, at the ‘iftar’ party of the MLA Baba Siddiqui. It created fantastic news. And in no time all the channels were flooded with the images of the khan’s hugging each other. The news was shown in such a fashion that it appeared as if India won a medal in Olympics. Was it necessary to show the news in larger than life space? Or is it us who wants it like the way it is? So the question arises, whether we are ascending in terms of receiving news or descending?

I personally feel that it is pure commercialization. Look at it from the economics point of view, to run the business the media needs content. And the biggest problem which media faces is to get the content to run a channel and fill the space for 24*7. Hence, they give what is catchy and thus keep on repeating it for a couple of hours or even days depending on the gravity of the issue. So, as audience or viewers what is our job? Just to perceive what the media is giving or to put forward our views through social networking sites or any other platform. Well, it all depends on us.

Celebrity news has always created ripples amongst the news channels and us. Whether it be the infamous Rakhi-Mika controversy or the recent patch up of Karan-Arjun (The Khan’s). Who decides what is more important? The issues on which I have addressed about in my previous blogs or the patch up of some two Khan’s who we have never met personally nor they have influenced our lives in any way other than entertaining us, largely. It all depends on that meter which everyone has to measure their own important issues. For some it may be war, for some the economics, for some the politics and for some entertainment. It all depends on our knowledge and how we choose our content (Knowledge gap theory; for details refer to my previous blog).

Media has a very simple role to play here. It plays the content according to everyone’s taste. Hence, maintaining the viewership or the readership in case of TV and newspapers respectively. I have been raising this question from my very first blog; does the media gives us what we want or should it provide us with what we need? Media plays safe by following their own principles- setting agendas, framing news and gatekeeping in terms of selecting the content, which is delivered to us.

Well, such kind of reporting, celebrity oriented, has taken a leap in the past couple of years. Whether it may be the wedding of a star or a birthday occasion or catching the glimpse of a celebrity’s new born baby, all type of reporting has raised questions in the mind of media professionals and ours too sometimes.

So, I ask your opinion on such reporting. Feel free to comment and write down your thoughts about such reporting. You may be pro or anti of such kind of reporting but no problem, this platform is to discuss. So go ahead and drop your comments!

(NOTE: If any of the Khan’s is your favorite, please forge me. I just took them for my explanation, nothing personal).


  1. Prominence and eminence are one of the news values… everythng important cannot be a news… so somethng unusual does create sensation… so its not always yellow journalism whn it comes to clebrity and media!

  2. This is purely commercialization.This wasn’t such a big moment that it had to be shown for days together. Wasn’t there anything else happening in the nation to be reported of? With the breaking news of the Khan’s hugging each other, stories started building up, channels started showing how things went wrong between them to keep the viewers glued to the television sets. I agree to your point that media needs something to keep the show going and to achieve this, media can run the same news for days together in spite of knowing that the news has kind of decayed over the days, but since there is no such ‘ happening’ content, the repetitive news serves the purpose!

  3. “Bollywood Celebrities” are worshiped. We want to know each and everything about them. More than anything else Bollywood news sells. So may be hype in reporting is natural. And yeah SHAHRUKH KHAN is my favorite but no hard feeling

  4. Well i think media has to emphasise a topic or a news too much to attract peoples attention.I know out of all the news its the celebrity news is hyped too much but then i think that is what people want.

  5. Agreed with most of your points. Though I would note that celebrity journalism is not limited to the last few years. I mean Blitz was doing stuff like way before TV came about. There is a reason celebrity journalism has survived this long, I think its more about letting news like that have it’s space for those who want it while also keeping in mind that there is in fact another category of people who are interested in serious news.

  6. what I think is Media gives you what you want to see. after this news #srk hugssalman was top trend on twitter for 2 days. which indicates that people like to discuses about SRK & Salman meeting. all though it is due to media influence we have to take in to consideration that this people are well educated people.but according to me as far as Indian TV media is concerned it is at very early stage (from 2000 we got our first 24 7 news channel Aaj tak) & they are still experimenting.

    1. Experimenting? Its long done! And your first line says it – media gives us what we and – jut to add – it should give us what we need and not what we want. Hope this sounds legit. Thanks for stopping by. Keep visiting.

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